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with Raffaele Cabras

Traveling helps us to enjoy and appreciate more what we have and the planet we live in.

Traveling with a camera helps even more, forcing us to go the extra mile: waking up early, hiking long trails, spending nights in the cold. All for the sake of getting the best view at the right time.

Why? Because that makes us tremendously happy. All for that moment in which the captured photograph tells you it was worth it.


For me, that's capturing happiness.



Photography pushes me to discover the world's beauty and collect amazing memories that I would have never experienced otherwise...

About Me

Raffaele Cabras Gold Medal Landscape World Travel 2017 Trierenberg Super Circuit

I am a passionate photographer who grew up between the amazing Sardinian coast and the beautiful Swiss mountains.

I started at an early age to capture and discover the beauty of nature through photography. But it wasn't until I completed my engineering studies and academic research in the field of image processing that I began to travel. 


My love for photography brought me to travel extensively around the globe during the last ten years. Besides documenting my trips and adventures on my popular Instagram feed @mixyourshot, I also write tutorials for blogs and magazines. Furthermore my photos have been published by several international photography magazines.


I am a Skylum, PolarPro, Haida Filters and Lings brand ambassador and I have recently been awarded the Gold Medal at the prestigious Trierenberg Super Circuit 2017, received three awards at the MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards 2017, and collected 4 Honorable Mentions at the International Photographer of the Year 2017.

I love to inspire other people to travel and discover the world sharing my passion for photography and my knowledge during my workshops around the world, organized in collaboration with the Swiss School of Photography. Join me if your want to discover our planet's beauties and learn how to become a better photographer, 



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