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Provence, France
30 June - 05 July 2020
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Discover and capture

the blooming beauty of Provence

Provence Lavender in Valensole Photo

The beautiful lavender fields of Provence

The colors, the noises and the scents of the lavender fields encapsulate the essence of Provence.

In summer the landscape of this area in the South of France turns into a painting when the lavender reaches its full blooming: a strong and irresistible attraction for bees, tourists and photographers.

Also the Sunflowers bloom in this period of the year and sometimes is possible to capture amazing compositions that highlight the strong chromatic contrast between these purple and yellow fields.

A purple and parfumed sea

One of the photos I captured during my workshops in Provence got me awarded with the Landscape World Travel Gold Medal at the prestigious Trierenberg Super Circuit 2017 contest. Join me for this photographic adventure to discover the beauty of Provence, learn the right techniques to capture this spectacle of nature and maybe your next award winning photo!

We will shoot with the best light during sunrise and sunset, and coming back to the fields at night for the Milky Way to combine the fascinating light of the firmament with this wonderful terrestrial component.

Provence Butterfly in a Lavender Field Photo
Provence Lavender in Valensole Photo of my Nikon camera

A lavender sea that extends until the horizon

Some lavender fields are so large and extensive that you can walk with the impression of being immersed in a purple and perfume sea. Flowers extend in every direction, until eye can see. A truly amazing experience!

Sometimes this amazing spectacle is made even more special by hot air balloons flying over the horizon. An unusual and catchy subject for our photos!

Don't forget to bring back home some dried lavender at the end of the trip: its scent will remind you of the great memories and moments you experienced in Provence.

What kind of photos will you capture?

Take a look at the gallery below for an example of what you will get joining this workshop!

Lavender workshop Provence
Lavender workshop Provence
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Lavender workshop Provence
Lavender workshop Provence
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Lavender workshop Provence
Lavender workshop Provence
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Lavender workshop Provence
Lavender workshop Provence
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Lavender workshop Provence
Lavender workshop Provence
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Lavender workshop Provence
Lavender workshop Provence
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Lavender workshop Provence
Lavender workshop Provence
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Lavender workshop Provence
Lavender workshop Provence
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Light Painting Provence Lavender
Light Painting Provence Lavender
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  • DRONE SESSION to capture amazing views of the lavender fields from above!

  • Night photography session to capture the Milky Way with a SPECIAL CREATIVE SURPRISE!

Lavender Workshop Itinerary

Day 1

Meetup in Nice Airport at 13:00. We will then drive to the hotel in Provence where we will spend the next days. We will start our adventure with a sunset photography session at the Valensole plateau to enjoy right away the beauty of Provence.

Day 2 - 3

During the second and third days will capture sunrises and sunsets in Valensole, among flagrant and purple lavender fields. Daytime will be devoted to post-processing workshops, relax and the visit of the canyon Gorge du Verdon and other historical and natural landmarks in the area.

Day 4 - 5

We will then visit the towns of Gordes, the Abbaye de Senanque and its lavender fields, and other cozy little towns and the ruins of Oppede-le-Vieux. We will also concentrate on Aerial Drone photography and videography, covering both theoretical and practical exercises, and on light painting techniques.

Day 6

In the morning, we will capture another sunrise in the lavender fields, and then we’ll be off for a last delicious breakfast in Provence. We will bring you back to Nice Airport at around 13:00.

Bonus: Aerial Photography sessions with drones

The beautiful lavender fields, the sunflowers and the iconic lonely trees offer an incredible opportunity for aerial photography. The fields create a stunning mix of colors and shapes that we will learn to observe and capture from above. During our workshop we will have a dedicated session with drones to offer you a direct experience with this new discipline that allows to observe and admire our world from an unusual point of view. So many new possibilities to explore from above!

Bonus: Milky Way night photography sessions

We will come back again to the lavender fields at night to concentrate on astrophotography and capture the Milky Way. It is important to be in the right place at the right time, since the Milky Way is only visible in all its glory at precisely calculated times. Furthermore, to properly capture this sky phenomenon special photographic knowledge is required. This will also covered during this workshop.

Bonus: Light Painting in the Lavender Fields

​We prepared a special creative surprise for you for our Night Photography sessions! Experiment and create unique masterpieces with our advanced light painting techniques! No one else offering this kind of technique and effects, so you will be definitely amazed!

We refined and enhanced our techniques with the use of flashes, light sabers and drone lightning. If you want to learn advanced light painting we are the experts that can teach you all the tricks! 

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​To bring home contest worthy photographs and maximize the experience of this workshop, we recommend specific camera gear and equipment. We will send you our Recommended Equipment list before the tour. It is important to come properly prepared for the climate in terms of clothing, outdoor apparels and equipment to be able to capture the best photographs in the most comfortable conditions!


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  • 30 June - 05 July 2020

  • EARLY BIRD Price: 3'150€ per person double room. Until 01.03.2020

  • REGULAR Price: 3'300€

  • 380€ single room supplement 

Special Offer

Sign up with a group of 2 or more friends and receive a 200€ discount each! Contact us to receive your group discount! 


- Breakfasts

- Snacks and refreshments

- Hotel

- Minivan transfers in France

- Workshop classes lead by professional photographers


– Flight tickets to and from Nice

– Meals
– Visas (if applicable)

– Medical and travel insurance

Would you like a photo adventure tailored to your needs in the beautiful scenery of Provence?

Or maybe you would prefer to master a particular photographic technique (long exposure, night photography, landscape, light painting ...) and want to organize a private lesson focused on you?

Contact us! We can organize photographic workshops and coaching sessions tailored to your needs.


Raffaele Cabras
Raffaele is a professional Italian-Swiss landscape photographer and coach. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, he has recently been awarded the Gold Medal at the prestigious Trierenberg Super Circuit 2017, received three awards at the MIFA 2017 and collected four Honorable Mentions at the IPOTY 2017. 
Nika Victoria
Nika is a professional Russian-Latvian landscape, architecture photographer and digital marketing specialist based in Zurich, Switzerland. She is running photography workshops in Zurich, London and online, as well as organizing and running photography tours and expeditions around the world.


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