Sardinia Photo Tours with Raffaele Cabra

with Raffaele Cabras

25 - 30 May 2020
Beginners to
Up to 6
3 professional
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Photography Tour Highlights


A Paradise to Discover

  • We will start our adventure in Cagliari with a photo session of Flamingos!
  • We will meet sunrise in Villasimius, in the South East of the island and then ascend the East Coast
  • We will teach you how to master composition and shooting techniques with on-the-field personalized lessons for every skill level
  • We will introduce you to Aerial Photography with our drones and certified instructors and make you discover a new point of view!

The beautiful Italian island of Sardinia, is still an undiscovered paradise, that can still surprise me with it's of untouched nature, astonishing beauty, and numerous secrets coming from its particular position in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.


During 6 days of this Photography Tour, we will explore beautiful locations, learn photography techniques together and enjoy the delicious Italian and local Sardinian cuisine. 


This tour is designed not only to showcase the magnificent photography spots planned according to the best light, but also to teach you the correct camera settings and techniques, boost your creativity, master your composition and photography skills. You will learn how to turn a simple picture into an extraordinary image using your creativity and photography expertise.

Details of the Sardinia Photo Tour


  • ​7 Days

  • Max 6 Participants

  • 3  Pro Photographers | Guides

  • 6 Nights Hotel accommodation in shared double room (single room supplement: 400 €)

  • Transportation in Sardinia

  • Breakfasts, 1 Welcome dinner and 1 Typical Sardinian dinner, snacks.

  • 6 Sunrises | 6 Sunsets Sessions

  • 2 Night Photography Sessions

  • 2 Aerial Photography Sessions

  • 4h Photography Lecture

  • 4h Photoshop Lecture

  • 4h Photoshop Practise Session

  • Haida Filters to try

  • Nikon and Sony equipment to try on demand 

  • 2 Drones to try 

  • Positive vibes and good company


  • Flight tickets

  • Medical and travel insurance

  • Visas if needed (check here)

  • Meals, alcohol.

  • Photo equipment rental (we can help you with that!)


  • Airport: Cagliari Elmas Airport (CAG)

  • Our photo adventure begins at 1PM and ends at noon on the last day

  • Single room supplement: 400 €

  • Payment in full: 90 days prior to workshop starting date

  • We can organise a longer stay in the hotel for leisure activities and various excursions on your request

  • See the details of our Cancellation and Refund policy


  • Beginners, intermediate and pro level photographers

  • After booking we will provide you with our recommended equipment and clothes list 

  • Busy schedule and intense top-level training

  • Transportation by minibus

  • Moderate walking 

  • Temperature 25-28 C° (77-83F°)

  • The sea can be warm enough for swimming 

  • The Sunrise and Sunset time during the dates of this October tour, will be around 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM

  • The Milky Way (that we will capture during the 2 Night Photography sessions) will be visible from around 10:00 PM to 04:00 AM

Workshop Itinerary

Day 1 - Cagliari and Flamingos

We will start our adventure in Cagliari from a photo session with the pink and beautiful FLAMINGOS! The water ponds around the city of Cagliari are a ffavouritehabitat for these fancy birds. We will shoot landscape compositions, playing with water reflections on a fantastic spot that overlooks the sunset and the hills around the city. But don't forget to bring your telelens to capture some close up of the flamingos (or we can help you through our equipment rental partner)!

Day 2 - Villasimius and Ogliastra

We will capture the sunrise in Villasimius, a splendid location filled with historical and natural landmarks. From gorgeous rock formations to ancient Spanish watchtowers, surrounded by crystal clear water and the typical vegetation. So many spots from where capturing amazing photos. We will then move North towards Ogliastra for the sunset and from where we will reach all our next photographic locations and continue to discover the delicious and famous local food.

Day 3-7 Sunrises

Every day we will have the possibility to visit the most fascinating and wonderful photographic spots and capture them under the amazing golden light of the sunrise. We will practice and master composition and shooting techniques, You will be able to create stunning long exposure photos that will give you that smooth and silky water effect that you see in so many professional photos.

We will visit multiple spots in Ogliastra, like Cardedu, Barisardo and Tortolì.

Day 3-7 Sunsets

Every evening we will capture the magical sunset light and learn how to master composition and shooting techniques, You will be able to create stunning long exposure photos that will give you that smooth and silky water effect that you see in so many professional photos.

We will visit multiple spots like Orrì, Cea and Torre di Barì.

Aerial Photography sessions with drones

The crystal clear water of Sardinia and the colored rocks and cliffs offer an incredible opportunity for aerial photography. Red, white, gray and black rocky formations create a stunning mix of colors and shapes when they encounter the turquoise water of the Mediterranean. During our Sardinia Photo Tours we will have two dedicated sessions with drones to offer you a direct experience with this new discipline that allows to observe and admire our world from an unusual point of view. So many new possibilities to explore from above :)

Milky Way/Astrophotography sessions

Light pollution in big cities and populated areas doesn't allow to admire the stars like our ancestors were used to. The reason is that we need a perfectly dark sky to be able to see and capture the stars and the Milky Way in all their beauty. Sardinia is a special place for photographers also for this reason. It has one of the clearest and darkest skies in Europe. A perfect excuse to go out and explore the possibilities of Astrophotography and capture the beauty of the cosmo. 


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Book your Sardinia Photo Tour

Sardinia Photo Tour 2020
25th  - 30th May 2020: 2'735€
EARLY BIRD until 01.10.2019



  • 25th - 30th June 2020

  • 2'735€ per person double room (EarlyBird Price until 01.10.2020, 3'200€ after)

  • 400€ single room supplement 


- Breakfasts

- Snacks and refreshments

- Hotel

- Minivan transfers in Sardinia

- Workshop classes lead by professional photographers


– Flight tickets to and from Cagliari

– Meals
– Visas (if applicable)

– Medical and travel insurance

Special Offer

Sign up with a group of 2 or more friends and receive a 200€ discount each! Contact us to receive your group discount! 

Would you like a photo adventure tailored to your needs in the beautiful Mediterranean scenery?

Or maybe you would prefer to master a particular photographic technique (long exposure, night photography, landscape, ...) and want to organize a private lesson focused on you?

Contact us, we can organize photographic workshops and coaching sessions tailored to your needs.


Raffaele Cabras
Raffaele is an Italian/Swiss photographer and photography coach, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Has been awarded the Gold Medal at the prestigious Trierenberg Super Circuit 2017 and received three awards at the MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards 2017. 
Nika Victoria
Nika is a Russian landscape and architecture photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. She is running photography workshops in Zurich, London and online, as well as organizing tours and photography expeditions around the world.
Federico Pisanu
Federico is an Italian professional videographer based in Sardinia. He is a certified drone operator and multimedia editor for two major Sardinian music festivals. He will help sharpen your video skills and introduce you to aerial photography and effective video storytelling.


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