Photography Workshop in Zürich


Learn photography quickly and effectively

with award-winning photographer Raffaele Cabras

Did you ever wonder what makes an impressive photograph? Do you want to take your photography skills to the next level?


Then you are at the right place! All my photography workshops are private 1:1 sessions, which means that all my attention will be with you to maximise the learning outcomes in a shorter period of time. I have a free spare camera, tripod and filters for you to use during the workshops if you don't have your own equipment yet and of course, I'll do a detailed recommendation, which camera and equipment to buy to meet your needs.


My credo is "Learn smart and fast with more practice outside, not hard blocked over textbooks."


With my workshops, you will learn to master the use of photographic filters, tripods, special lenses and complex techniques, such as light painting, long exposure, HDR and multiple rows panoramas. Workshops consist theory and practise sessions, as well as you can also take the post-processing workshops, which teach RAW editing, multiple image blending, advanced techniques for noise reduction, selective sharpness enhancement and powerful contrast techniques.